For Ecommerce

Camera Search API

Piquant Camera Search API gives more power to your customers in terms of searching the right product. Having the ability to search products just by clicking the picture, your customers can find clothes without even knowing the brand. Just click, upload and Piquant will find the exact product or similar products from your collection.

search similar API

Search Similar API

Offer your customers more products from your catalog. Make your catalog accessible throught your website. Encourage customers to buy more of your products by flaunting your wide range of products. Homepage, category page or even at checkout page – make your products searchable from everywhere.

Complete the Look API

Persuade your customers to buy the complete outfit not just the one half. Complete the Look API shows images of celebrities making the apparel more appealing. Prompt the customer to buy other half also, so as to complete the look. Our algorithm will match the other half with the item worn by celebrity and show it in recommendations.

White lace off shoulder top

Visual SEO (Meta Tags) API

Make your products more searchable and SEO friendly. Visual SEO API will add meta tags to the images making them more visible. The computer vision technology used in making API adds attributes that goes beyond a single word meta tag. The API will add meta tag that will completely define the product and matches the keywords of buyers. All this just by visualization power API - eliminating manual work for you.

Ecommerce Use Case

Shop from any photo or picture with the Tinder Experience of shopping.

Video API

Sell your products from videos on the go. Your videos showing models at exotic places and wearing beautiful clothes appeals buyers the most. Make these clothes shoppable using Piquant Video API. Give your buyers the facility to make a purchase directly from the video.