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What we do?

Visual Search

Visual search is magic given by Computer Vision that lets Customer search for products without using any words. This is like placing an image into search bar and takes wonderful similar output in matter of seconds. This is valuable experience for buyer and seller, they don’t need to bother for fashion, just need click an image display the desired outcome.

For Who?

Catalog Management

Generate Auto Tagging of products using AI. Piquant automatically generates the product titles and descriptions. Save your precious time and money with content automation.
For digital marketers, Catalog manager and merchandising teams. Solutions

Improve Power of Fashion with AI

At Piquant, we build AI Powered Computer Vision and Natural Language processing technology using deep learning techniques to provide you better shopping experience, improve search visibility and increase the ROI of E-commerce product

Search and Shop By Image

Whether it’s desktop, app or Chatbot, Customer needs to send or upload the image and Piquant return the similar an desired results from the database. Our Visual search engine increases the retention and user engagement rates because it’s instantly and quickly gratifying.

Social Marketing Automation

Convert Your Content into Sales

Piquant can see the products list on Publisher website and search the database to return the exact match or similar looking items.

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Don't make your customers wait. Search results in 0.5 seconds.


Not just a novelty, our algorithm delivers up to 95% accuracy on apparel.


Maximize your ROI with Multi-object recognition in photos.


Our Fully automated UI and easy to implement SDKs mean less work for you.

How We Work

Simple, 3 step integration process


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Vision & Data

High dimensional attribute & data extraction.


Easy API based integrationto power all your channels